Raspivid Camera App v1.1

Raspivid Camera App v1.1

Display camera output to display, and optionally saves an H264 capture at requested bitrate

usage: raspivid [options]

Image parameter commands

-?, –help      : This help information

-w, –width     : Set image width <size>. Default 1920

-h, –height    : Set image height <size>. Default 1080

-b, –bitrate   : Set bitrate. Use bits per second (e.g. 10MBits/s would be -b 10000000)

-o, –output    : Output filename <filename> (to write to stdout, use ’-o -’)

-v, –verbose   : Output verbose information during run

-t, –timeout   : Time (in ms) before takes picture and shuts down. If not specified, set to 5s

-d, –demo      : Run a demo mode (cycle through range of camera options, no capture)

-fps, –framerate       : Specify the frames per second to record

-e, –penc      : Display preview image *after* encoding (shows compression artifacts)

Preview parameter commands

-p, –preview   : Preview window settings <‘x,y,w,h’>

-f, –fullscreen        : Fullscreen preview mode

-op, –opacity  : Preview window opacity (0-255)

-n, –nopreview : Do not display a preview window

Image parameter commands

-sh, –sharpness        : Set image sharpness (-100 to 100)

-co, –contrast : Set image contrast (-100 to 100)

-br, –brightness       : Set image brightness (0 to 100)

-sa, –saturation       : Set image saturation (-100 to 100)

-ISO, –ISO     : Set capture ISO

-vs, –vstab    : Turn on video stablisation

-ev, –ev       : Set EV compensation

-ex, –exposure : Set exposure mode (see Notes)

-awb, –awb     : Set AWB mode (see Notes)

-ifx, –imxfx   : Set image effect (see Notes)

-cfx, –colfx   : Set colour effect (U:V)

-mm, –metering : Set metering mode (see Notes)

-rot, –rotation        : Set image rotation (0-359)

-hf, –hflip    : Set horizontal flip

-vf, –vflip    : Set vertical flip


Exposure mode options :


AWB mode options :


Image Effect mode options :


Metering Mode options :